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Colombian Suarez Tasting Notes

I’ve compiled these Colombian Suarez tasting notes from my own observations. But I also used reviews from other people commenting online. The comments online are remarkably consistent. What most people say is that Colombian Suarez over-ridingly tastes of chocolate, with low acidity and low fruity/citrus tastes. Most people seem to recommend roasting it just before […]

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Espresso Coffee Pods: What Are They?

Have you ever wanted an espresso machine to hurry up and give you an espresso before it was actually finished with the job? There are actually many automatic espresso coffee machines on the market today, but the automatic feature of the machines simply don’t make them one bit quicker. In fact, waiting for a good […]

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Investing in an Espresso Machine

Espresso has long been a popular form of the coffee drink and there are millions of people all over the world that herald espresso as their favorite coffee drink. For that reason espresso is offered in all sorts of coffee shops throughout the country and some large national chains have picked up on the popularity […]

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The History of the Espresso Machine

It may seem like espresso has always been made from a machine. After all, how else could you make it? However, long before there were espresso machines, inhabitants of Milan began making espresso without machines.┬áIn the US it wasn’t until the mid 1940’s that coffee shops began using espresso machines. Espresso machines were popular in […]

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