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The Chilled Mocha Espresso

Espresso is one coffee drink that can be used for cold drinks, warm coffee drinks, even in food. There are all sorts of ways to use espresso that it may seem like no one will ever run out of ideas. However, one important recipe that many people use when drinking their espresso is to create […]

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Kenyan Thiriku AA Review

Earlier this week I got some Kenya Thiriku AA from Rave Coffee. I roasted this to City+, just shy of second crack. After three days to degass, I tried it in a BulletProof. Initial Impressions The biggest impression is of ‘Traditional Coffee’, as I guess most of us have come across Kenyan before, whether we […]

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Why People Love Espresso

If you are a coffee drinker then chances are that you have some sort of an opinion about espresso. Many caffeine drinkers love espresso, but then there are some other folks who can’t stand the taste of it. All in all, though, there are probably more espresso drinkers in the world today than there are […]

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