Popcorn Maker


Want To Roast Coffee at Home?

For those just starting to roast, I recommend a hot-air popcorn maker. Yes, you read that right – a hot-air popcorn maker.

These retail for less than £25 – less than a 10th of most home coffee roasters!

They produce a good, even roast. There are articles in the ‘News’ section about roasting and improving your coffee in general. Have a read.

The Severin Hot-Air Popcorn Maker

If you have a look on Amazon, you’ll find almost as many review about the Severin for making coffee as making popcorn!

Have a read of the reviews on Amazon and you’ll see why this is my top recommendation.

What Else Do You Need?

If you’re considering the Severin hot air popcorn maker , I found that a large paper takeaway coffee cup with the bottom cut out stops the beans jumping out towards the end of the roast.

You only need to put it over the beans after about 2.5 mins. If you use the included plastic shield, that eventually melts, apparently. (This is because popcorn takes about 2.5 mins, coffee takes about 6-7 mins, and the hot air is really quite hot!).

Severin With Chimney!


My high-tech chimney on my Severin. It only needs to go on after about 2:30 or so when the beans really get jumping. This is a large take-away coffee cup from a high street shop with the bottom cut out.

It’s cardboard, but doesn’t seem to burn at all. It just sits on the top.

View From The Top

Here’s a view from the top. And for those who haven’t seen the inside of a Severin, the (very) hot air comes out of those side vents right near the bottom.

It’s this design aspect that makes it suitable for coffee roasting. Some hot-air popcorn roasters have vents at the bottom and a grill, but this design burns the beans. So the Severin design is what you want.


Get The Severin And Start Roasting!

In the meantime, here’s the first step – get the Severin hot-air popcorn maker below. Just click the image or click here to be taken directly to the Amazon page where you can read more about it.

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